Heterocera : A voyage to Bhaga

I make cruising in my boat from Tuliptree of the Heterocera continent southern part to Bhaga today. A boat of the auto-pilot that Jer made is operated on this route. However, I follow a different root slightly. By the way, The Goodman Design Lab of the station side seems to have rebuilt it again. Rail Group which Damion and Jer of the owner belong to seems to like abolition & build.

今日はTuliptreeからBhagaまで、この航路はJerが作った自動操縦のボートが運行されている路線なんですけど、若干コースが異なるかもですw それにしても駅横のThe Goodman Design Labはまた改築したようです。持ち主のDamionといい、Jerも含めてRail Groupはスクラップ&ビルド好きですねぇ・・・

Then I leave the northern coast of Tuliptree and go ahead through the waterway to the southeastern direction.


Because Ban Line is set in the left bank of the point where the one place waterway got narrow on the way, I must be careful.

途中一箇所水路の狭まった箇所の左岸にBan Line張ったとこがあるので注意です。

It seems to drive fast, but, in fact, lag is terrible and doesn’t advance.

一見、スピード出ているように見えますが、実はラグが凄くて進んでいません>< なぜラグがww

I found the beautiful Japanese garden on the way. Because it is a private garden, the place doesn’t explain it.

The setting of the ground cover of this garden is excellent.

The huge tree improves a look by the effect of the ground cover, too.

It is reasonable that Texture of excessive rays is not used. Time to look at this garden is limited if the texture was used.

The voyage in the large sea(The sea of here is small in comparison with the other continents) is stressless. My boat has begun to finally advance smoothly.

広い海は(といっても数SIMしかないけどw)いいですねー^^ やっとまともに進むようになりましたww

I approached the waterway again. I advance here along the sandbox of the left bank because there is Ban Line in the right. There are a large number of avatars in sandbox, and it is laggy. A certain man approached my boat and talked to me.

再び水路に差し掛かりますが、ここは右にBan Lineなので左岸のサンドボックスに沿って進んでいきます。ここも人いっぱいいてサンドボックスのためか妙に重い>< ってか、にいちゃん来ないでwww

He was going to detain me, but I escaped. As for time to make long talk with him, I don’t have it. Ah,Ban Line is set on that green land.

ニュービーのようなにいちゃんに付きまとわれていろいろ質問してきましたが何とか逃げ切りました。こっちはメモしながら進んでいるので長話なんかしてる暇ないですw あ、ここも向こうの緑の地面とこがBan Line。

I passed the side of a huge shop of Apollon of Pruetti.


I entered port in Busiris.


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