Jeogeot Walking 21

(A)I came to the main island northern end of the Jeogeot continent. It is a shopping mall called The Rickety Old Boardwalk Beach Shoppes here. This neighborhood was an overcrowded area before, but is in state that it is almost depopulation because shops moved to Zyndra.

 (A)Jeogeot大陸の旅も本島北端まで来ました。ここはThe Rickety Old Boardwalk Beach Shoppesというモールです。かつては過密な地域であったこの辺もZyndraなどへ店が移転したためか過疎に近い状態ですw あたしは軽くていいんですけどねー^^

It is a stylish shopping mall, but there is little traffic now here. 


 The deck chair which I sit down on now is the same as one of my house. And I bought it here.


(B)Probably,The Lovers’ estate – Jade’s and Yuzz’ Ocean Paradise is land of the privates. I don’t stay too long.

(B)The Lovers’ estate – Jade’s  and Yuzz’ Ocean Paradiseはたぶんプライベートの土地ですねw 長居しないで見て回ります。

I like people making such a scene. The making of the scene has the purpose that I began SL. Is ignorant first, and I live in Japanese city region; made a mistake.


The land of such a wide private is splendid.


It is difficult to live in the reality in such an environment for me.


 (C)There is Zee and Zora’s little slice on a slightly elevated hill.

 (C)Zee and Zora’s little sliceは小高い丘の上にあります。

I climb the top of the hill along a mountain stream.


 The texture of this ground is most suitable for a natural scene basically.


OH! Very clean wonderful scenery 😀


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