Jästa sojabönor i Sverige

The Asian cooking ingredient shops seem to have increased in Sweden. For example, there are fermented soybeans in one of the strange Japanese food in Europe and America. It which is called Nattou in Japanese is 28 SEK in a Swedish Asian cooking ingredient shop.They are more than 3 times of the price in Japan.The high price doesn’t become the problem for a Japanese living in Sweden. They are usually the eating habits same as a Swede.They occasionally eat Japanese food and remember a hometown.

This Nattou seems to be one of the Japanese food which it is hard to understand to European and American people most.The Japanese who eats fermented soy beans with steamed rice.It is good for health with food of the plant protein.

There is the person called strange food, but it is the same when a Japanese learned Swedish rare food. For example, it’s Surstr mming. It is stinking intensely, and my nose almost comes off. However, it is traditional food cultivated in the Swedish long history. The taste is good when used to the bad smell above all.

The aquavit is the best with Surströmming. In the same way as nattou which we eat with rice.

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