Heterocera: The route that is unsuitable for a voyage

The high seas of the circumference of the Heterocera continent have only a slight area. Therefore, I can feel reckless that I go round the high seas of the circumference by my boat. And I tried a voyage in the continent South-West.

The result was wretched. This continent has many places where a lot of small waterways are unsuitable for a pleasant voyage.

I left the northern coast of Tuliptree. And I pointed my boat to the south.

The rear of the black ship which ran aground is sandbox. I faced the first difficulty here. It was shooting from sandbox. When a vehicle passes by sandbox with much Griefers, it is interfered.


My boat goes to the north in the southwest edge of Cecropia.


My boat was sudden and sank on a border of Cecropia and Calleta. The reason is percel is full.

Cecropia と Calletaの境界でいきなり沈没w  percel is fullだそうで・・・

Because the motion of my avatar was not possible, I did re-log. And I tried a voyage again.


However, in north neighboring border with regions of Calleta, a corner of three regions intersects. My boat became uncontrollable and could not but do re-log. I gave up a voyage here.


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