SAAB 37 VIGGEN : From Snug Harbour Airport

 Snug Harbour Airport

 This airport is located in height of sky 300m. And it is a big airport here.

 Oh! This is the F-16 which my friend, Johnnyhsu made with a resident of Chita.


 I take off and must fly the inland department of the Satori continent. The inland in mainland is hotbeds of many obstacles.


 I took off and turned immediately to the right. The flight altitude of Viggen maintains 300m.


 In the case of this altitude, the airplane is not affected by ground lag.


 I avoided skybox to sometimes meet with and flew it.


 The airplane which stopped in the air…

あ、飛行機が引っかかって止まってるww 嫌な感じだ・・・

 When I advanced on the sea, I lowered altitude of Viggen.


 I fly it to the east along the shoreline of the Nautilus city.


 The flight at these outskirts is easy for me.


 I flew at a low-altitude in unmanned rwgion.


 My Viggen passes the side of Spyglass.


I succeeded in flights from Snug Harbour Airport to Acknefar Airport 🙂

無事Snug Harbour Airport から Acknefar Airportへの飛行に成功しました^^

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