Kamimo Island

Virtual platform for education, co-developed by Molde University College (Norway), University of Kalmar (Sweden) and the University of Central Missouri (USA). Developed by Design Container.


Molde University College is located in Molde of the Norwegian South-West,Møre og Romsdal. University of Kalmar is located in Kalmar of the Swedish Southeast,Småland. the University of Central Missouri is located in Warrensburg,Missouri.

As for the inflection of SL by the educational institution, Japan is not recognized very much. It is the result that a Japanese huge advertising agency advertised SL in Japan as a platform of the commercial business. SL was publicized very much as a place of the money-making in Japan in 2007. As a result, the Japanese increased explosively. However, it came to be known that it was difficult to profit in SL, and the Japanese left SL rapidly.

Each campus has such a place. Many lectures are held here by a minute schedule. The tie-up of three universities seems to be possibility in this region, too. It isn’t thought about at the unsociable Japanese university.

There was a private house seen well in Sweden near the port. I checked the profile of the author. I’m going to visit his workshop later.

The university which cooperated with a Chinese university was outstanding here. The Japanese Englishphobia may be already the worst stage…


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