Jeogeot Driving 16

 I drive the Jeogeot continent northern part this time.

Route 9 / Route 10 REZ ZONE – Yeot

 I run my car to the northwest direction.

 There was the way which diverged to the north. The pavement breaks off in there.

 The world such as initial SL…

 The road is paved again.

 Why is the car filled up with a pavement part?

 I came back to the place worried about in the middle of driving.

 Hoppa-lot/bunny adoption and auctions

 Oh! Ozimals Bunnies 🙂

 I am considering it about this pet this very moment.


There was the shop which Japanese administered in the neighbor.

 *StarGleam* Main Shop -Gilum-
Lamp, Light, Online, Checker, Tipjar, Accessories, Ring, Neckless, pierce, Earring

 I am relaxation here 🙂

The bar is added to here, too. I will visit here tonight.

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