SAAB 37 VIGGEN (An accident)

I took off from the Acknefar airport to fly it to Snug Harbour Airport of the northwest of the Satori continent.

 今回はSatori大陸の北西部というより西岸かw、Snug Harbour Airport  まで足を伸ばそうとAcknefar飛行場を離陸しました。

 My Viggen flies the sea to the Satori continent. I sometimes open a map and, flew it while confirming the red points which I appointed beforehand.


 However, an accident occurred in the inland sky of the Satori continent. My Viggen was caught by security of the Talakin airport neighborhood again. I started evasion movement in a hurry, but Viggen got into the corner of SIM. I was flung against the ground by an instant.

しかしです、Satori大陸が接近していよいろ内陸へというときにアクシデント発生ww 上空を通過するつもりのTalakin飛行場付近のsキュリティにまたしても引っかかって回避運動中にSIMの四隅のクロスしたスポットに飛行機が入り込んで一瞬で地上に墜落です><

Such a place is very dangerous. It is important that the border of SIM moves to parallelism – a right angle.


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