My Japanese-style hut

 I made a Japanese-style room in an interval of the mainland sight-seeing. However, the harvest of this hut is not good. As for the building in SL, the ability may deteriorate if it does not continue. The ability of my building is unripe originally. Therefore, I’m not discouraged that much. HAHAHA…

 The furniture does not yet arrange it in this room. The first purpose that I made this Japanese-style room for is to look at Japanese garden.

 Anyway, I can admire my garden in this.

 Why does the Japanese want to sleep on a tatami mat?  Er…It may be the security that is near to the ground… The casual undergrowth of weeds adds to presence in the viewpoint. It may be that purpose that a ground cover is made much of in a Japanese garden.

And I see the trees which I look up at more greatly when I stand.  As for it, trees judging from the side changed. The trees which I looked up at from the bottom show us a fresh scene.

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