Jeogeot : Wellington Road

I found the slightly elevated mountain along Wellington Road. Is it a mountain or a hill?

There is land named Living Prim Creations.

“No mice nor elephants – but some nice grazing horses, some riding animals, cheep plants, good kitchen stuff, furn, jewelry, riverboats. handcrafting tools, waterfalls and lots more. Shop or hang out as you please.”

 I stood on a wrecked ship and looked at a waterfall. Is that waterfall sold, too?

 There is the shop in the shore.

 The good sample that a lake is organized on the inland of mainland here.

 I waited for breakfast to be completed for a while. However, my pose is postponement itself.

 Though appetizing chickes are roasted here…

 What is that?  I approached it, but BAN LINE was set there.

 Oh! I see the deep forest.

 Victoria’s Sculpts
“Victoriana, clothes and full permission sculpts. sculpt, sculpies, sculpty, sculpties, victorian shoes, lamps, baths, tubs, landmarks, pins, chairs, dresses, dresser, Italian, bed, rentals,  toilet, fishing pond with 7Seas and Neo-Realms.”

However, it is a weedy plot here. I seem to be bitten by  mosquitos.

There was the door of the shopping mall in the back.

 A monorail goes around it in this site.

 The sculpted prims are sold here, too.

 The trouble is that Rez Zone is not found in this neighborhood.

 It is an area of very good scenery here.

 Oh,it is an uphill slope…

 I am some breaks.

 Wellington Road Rez Zone


 Pavement broke off.

 The circumference of the off-road has few buildings.


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