Jeogeot Walking 20

 The center of the continent becomes the sea, and there are  2islands. The island of bigger one are Ichelus and Zebrasil.


There was a volcano in Ichelus. Lava runs down the mountaintop.

 Ichelusには火山がありましたw 溶岩が流れ落ちています。

 The crater of the mountaintop. Move a little before becoming 0 because life points decrease steadily when here.


The village where is uninhabited in the foot.


Zebrasil has Info Hub.

ZebrasilにはInfo Hubがあります。

 And north small island, Shamon.


It is the office of LDPW here.


Office hours of LDPW is opened every week here.


A large-sized flying boat made by LDPW which even Blake-Sea can watch.


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