Jeogeot Driving 14

Route 10 – Nangrim Rez Zone intersection. The crossroads of the short cut to part here from Route10 to the west. I do driving of the short cut.

This neighborhood is a place with many gallerys  and shopping malls.

 ::: LicoLico ::: — Gothic. This is a well known shop of the Japanese creator.

 yk* hanbok by Yvette Kumsung
Korean traditional gowns (hanbok), kimonos, women’s suits,flexi gowns, Korea

 The short cut left for the west, but I went straight on and approached Wellington Road. Wellington Road is the road which LDPW built.

I got off my car in Wellington Road Rez Zone. 

Susano-o Shinto Shrine, Little Yoshiwara

 New Tara Ling. Perhaps this is a temple of the Tibetan Buddhism.

 It is different from Japanese Buddhism greatly.

 Throwing away of the whole body on the ground(prostration).

 14th Dalai Lama.

 ryushosha temple gallery. It is precise Buddhism architecture and the gallery of the Buddhist image here.

 The Japanese associates with these nothing.

 Zen Retreat. The strange space where Zen and Shinto fused.

 However, this area is filled with surprising quietness and mysteries.

 What did they get in meditation? They must get the tranquility of them hearts.

 Zendo 4 Dharma Gate

 Abandoned Land. It is very disappointing soil. I record this scenery.

 Here is the Orient and Western coexistence.

I found the splendid area 🙂

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