An aerial dogfight by 37 SAAB Viggen

I did an author of 37 SAAB Viggen, sjunki and an aerial dogfight in 1944SIM yesterday. The aerial dogfight is performed basically in the sky of one SIM. Because an airplane is not beyond SIM, the malfunction in the border considerably decreases. Repeat intense turning and sudden rise, a swoop,I pursuited the airplane of the villain’s part. It raised ability for steering airplane i -world drastically.

And I practice the aerial dogfight in 1944SIM today.

The airport of here is very comfortable for SIM which an airplane rushes about for because airport manager reset SIM frequently. It isn’t rebooted in mainland frequently.


 I take off and fly it in this SIM.


 I try a reckless flight in the airport where nobody is.


I shorten the drawing distance of my PC. Because my Viggen doesn’t need to be in next SIM, there isn’t a meaning even if I see next SIM.


I abused my Viggen. However, Viggen flies it without a difficulty.


I continue practicing long-range flight and the both sides of the aerial dogfight.


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