A flight of one day

 I ride on my Viggen and went south in Blake-Sea. My flight seemed smoothly as always. I heard Group IM suddenly of Prates Air.

W: party is kicked off for all you pirates out there
W: we have ed singing his little heart out down here
B: Patty’s kicked off you say? We havin’ a wake?
M: Anybody who knew XX in-world may want to drop me an IM; she has passed away.

Party? Is it our party? Is it Patty? Is it an avatar name? I was confused.

 Waaaaooo!! When I was confused, the earth approached.

 I succeeded in raising Viggen before crashing into the surface of the earth.

 It may be lack of delicacy in a thing few I am confused on an English small part with a native and is important.

 I failed to take the SS of the landing. My Viggen descended diagonally. And unshapely collision.

However, I got a friend there. Malaysian he makes friends with me who am precious. It is important that I talk with the boyfriend of the Muslim.

Haikal’s pages

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