Jeogeot : Winthorpe Enterprises

I’m in the place where Route9 and Route9A cross in Jeogeot continent. I’m discouraged a little now. It is because I deleted an article of a certain Japanese blog by mistake. It forces us to big pain that Japanese is the language that is local in the world. Because Japanese much blog administration suppliers are small scale very, the function of the blog is not abundant. For example, this wordpress is superior to all Japanese blog in many respects, but the Japanese does not want to use it. Many Japanese like environment only for Japanese. Therefore, I revived with Japanese blog recently, but it is very inconvenient.

Oh,here us Winthorpe Enterprises – Madison’s Creations,the shop of the clock and dress.

A lot of pillows of the pillow talk are employed in the garden of here. They cheer up me of a depressed feeling.

The dresses which is simpler and sturdier than pizazza. This has a good feeling towards me.

I associated that I wore this and lived in a forest.

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