Jeogeot : – Club Shashasha –

 There is – Club Shashasha – on both sides of Route9. As for me, it was brought the greatest accident recently here in several months. In fact, I visited here in the past when I took this snapshot, and a viewer crashed.  And I wasn’t able to log in for a while. When I entered the building of the club, my viewer crashed. At last when I log in, I appear in the place and crash again :-<

Route9の両側にある- Club Shashasha -。ここがあたしにここ数ヶ月で最大の災厄をもたらす場所となりましたww このSSを撮る前に実はここを訪れてビューワーがクラッシュして、しばらくログイン不能の状態が続きました。クラッシュするのは決まってクラブの建物の中です。何とかインしてもそこに出るので瞬時にまたクラッシュwww

 I was able to log in to my home with a different viewer. I thought that my flexible hair might have the cause. And I exchanged my hair with hard hair. Prims used in this land exceeds far supported quantity. Perhaps it may have added prims of the enclave to here.


 Here of the object do put too much it? However, here is not my land. The owner can put an object here freely.


And lovers talk about love here and do they freeze?


 What is there on these stairs? There had nothing.


This is the building of the club of the problem. I froze as soon as I went up the stairs fearfully and entered the building. I let a viewer crash four times to rescue myself again. I don’t need to come to twice and here :-/

問題のクラブの建物です。今度はどうだろうと階段をのぼって建物の中へ入ったとたん見事にフリーズ>< 再び自分を救出するのにビューワーを4度クラッシュさせました。もう2度とここに来ないぞ!!

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