The voyage of Nautilus (2)

red flame : ban line, pink : no room of prims, green : rezzing OK

(A)I go north from OYC Public Yacht Club. By the way, I changed my hair. As for it, avatar rendering costs exceeded 5000. There is a possibility that a handicap was caused when my ship is beyond SIM thereby. My present rendering cost is 1100 in total.

I did rez of my ship. May I go on a voyage safely as expected this time? However, I departed, and it was removed off my ship on a border of the second SIM. It seems to cause the obstacle to continue pushing the progress key somehow or other on a border of SIM.

(B)Biker Parties NorTon John’s Mermaid Beach. 2ships of Black Spot same as my ship anchored in this port. They are Pirate Ship Threepwood and The Sloop Raven.

The possession group of here seems to hold some SIMs in the outskirts. However, I didn’t drop in at here. It is because I’m not interested in it in a group for BDSM. And there was always several men there. I changed the direction of my ship immediately.

(C)There is a small airport.

(D)Next, REVO Blitz  SLZIN MARINA has the north of the airport. An airport and the port are possession of the SLZIN resort.

(E)F&K Fishing Paradise & Shark Lounge Beach Club

I went ahead through the small waterway to the northwest. Because there is area of the sea without room of prims on both sides of the waterway in particular, I am to watch out.

(F)Metamorphoses Store, Tethys Station. I got off my ship here.

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