“banana republic” Japan

from Sankei News

About Japan and the United States summit meeting coordinated for holding on the occasion of the nucleus security summit of April,U.S.A. isn’t positive. U.S.A. has distrust toward the Japanese Hatoyama government downplaying Japan-U.S. alliance. The Hatoyama government broke a Japan-U.S. agreement of U.S. base relocation of Okinawa of 2006. The U.S. Government does not know who an authorized negotiating partner of the Japanese side is. The reason is because the politician of the present Japanese Democratic Party tells many lies

The person concerned with U.S. government uses the depreciatory word for the small country which is political situation uneasiness without ability for rule only by political dispute for Japanese administration official.

“Japan is “a banana republic“. We cannot do the negotiations of the security with Japan.”

On the other hand, about the visit to USA of the Ichiro Ozawa Democratic Party chief secretary whom adjustment is pushed forward by assuming it the form that a person concerned with U.S. assembly invites in the end of April, There does not seem to be the plan when the President,Vice President and White House Personnel meets Ozawa at all.. The U.S. Government knows a rumor with the money that is mean about politics of Ozawa. Prime Minister Hatoyama and Ozawa will continue being ignored in future in the U.S. Government.

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