The voyage of Nautilus (1)

I build a fire in Blake Sea- Spyglass. In fact, I wait for a yacht anchoring earlier to depart. When my schooner is too big and  if rez it, I seem to dispel the yacht. The woman of the owner of the yacht looks at the sea, and it seems to be feeling. I have begun to be irritated.

Blake Sea – Spyglassに来ました。のんきに焚き火にあたっているように見えて実は先客の出港待ちw なにしろハイプリムなスクーナー、プレデローデは狭い湾内でRezすると停泊している先客のヨットを吹き飛ばしてしまいかねないんですw ってか、おねいさんそこでいつまでも景色にうっとりしてるわけにはいかないのよwww

The yacht went away before long, and I departed. I aim at the northeast island.


Because there is not room of prims, the neighborhood of small island of the southernmost extreme of Pslande needs attention. There is possibility of Region is Full in there. I showed the place without room of prims in the pink line of the map.

Pslandeの南端の小島の付近はプリムの余裕が無いので注意が必要です。Region is Fullでリログするはめになりますからね。ほかにもプリムに余裕ないとこは地図のピンクの場所です。

The east bank of the island. There is the place that is Rez possibility in many places now. However, the island does not have perpetuity because it is a rental.

東岸を北上します。Rez可能な場所は現在あちこちにあるようですが何しろレンタル地域なのでいつBan Line張られるか予想できません。なので近寄らずww

It is the scene that the west coast was fixed well. We can go on a voyage while enjoying scenery.


The ship came across an obstacle on a border of Blake Sea -Brigantine. The ship flew over SIM and pierced the hillside of Spyglass.

Blake Sea – BrigantineのSIM越えできず、船がSIMを飛び越えてSpyglassの山腹に突き刺さってしまいました。これはむごい><

I did re-log and went to the west this time. However, it was all logged out on a border of SIM. The voyage in this sea area by big ship is difficult. According to the Lag meter, the load of the network is high. It is vast packet loss. Why is this area so?

SIM called Meddledown does not have room of prims either.

リログして今度は西へ向かうもSIMの境界ことごとく越えられずリログすること3回ww 船での航海をあきらめるはめに。この手の船にはこの海域きついかなー。ラグメーター出して見るとネットワークのところが真っ赤><。パケットロスが凄いとか・・・ なぜこの地域だけこうなんだろう?


Northern Ordinarily is all right 🙂


 OYC Public Yacht Club


 The airport is added to the Eastern bloc, too.


Surprisingly, Full Moon Airport in the north is a blank. In spite of the airport where it is an airport map, and is mentioned…

その北にあるFull Moon Airportは何と更地w エアポートマップにも載っている空港のはずなんですけどね。

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