Jeogeot Walking 18

Brouwer Reginal Airport. It is the one of few airports in this continent. The Jeogeot continent two or three years ago of the flight by airplane and the sailing seem to have been prosperous. As for it, it was replaced Nautilus and Corsica now.

Brouwer Reginal Airport。この大陸には数少ない空港です。Jeogeot大陸は2,3年前までは飛行機やヨットの盛んな大陸だったと聞いています。今ではそれはノーチラスやコルシカに取って代わられました。そんな中、南部に集中する飛行場のうちのここが一つです。

I walked around the considerably large area of both sides of Route10, but it is only here that I can introduce it this time. Originally this area has much vacant land. There are shopping mall some. However, a tenant has the value. I introduce mainshop if there is the shop which I can introduce. I am impossible of expectation when the shop of the shopping mall cancels it.

I don’t introduce the place of Zyngo either. It has no meaning for my exploration. I don’t introduce such a place by turnout either.



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