Heterocera : Hooktip Railroad which disappeared

Is the land where BigDaddy operated  automatic trains put on sale? Because Myuki told it to me, I went to there. There has nothing now indeed. What happened?

ビッグダディとはアバター名で、北大陸の土地持ちですww SLRR沿線の数ヶ所にRail Depoって鉄道関係の店出してますけど、そもそも需要あんまない鉄道関係に複数の店舗出してどうする?って思ってるんですが、んなのどうしようと彼の勝手ですよね。

He operated automatic trains before in land next to Tuliptree Station of SLRR. He closes there and moves to here, and two months do not pass, too. Though it was carried with much effort by a showcase, is not it a waste? I want to ask jer which is friendly with him about some the circumstances.


SLRR沿線に宣伝の看板もいくつか設置してショーケースにも載った矢先にこれですw これはSLRR RAIL GROUP繋がりで仲のよさげなJerに訊いてみようかな。

No one knows what tomorrow will bring.


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