The stupid Japanese government, the Japanese Self-Defense Force which, on the other hand, achieve a duty.

P-3 Orion belongs the 4th aviation group takes off from the Sea of Japan for a duty to patrol every day from the Atsugi base of Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force. It is difficult to find the submarine during a flight. The information that is necessary for a patrol plane is sent by ASWOC(Anti-Submarine Warfare Operations Center) in the base.

Naturally the information from U.S. Navy is in there, too. US Navy is going to move a part of the headquarters personnel required of Task Force 72 from Misawa to Atsugi by this summer. There was the reduction theory of P3C corps after the Cold War, too, but importance increases again.

North Korea repeating a ballistic missile, a nuclear test,China suddenly expands the navy very much,the strain at the Japanese outskirts is not settled. the 5th aviation group of Okinawa watches the East China Sea like the 4th aviation group.

China adopts “sea near the shore defensive strategy” and expands the defense range. They are going to go into Guam to the east of the Japanese Islands. U.S. carrier Kitty Hawk took the pursuit of the Chinese submarine in the Okinawa sea near the shore in October, 2006.

The relations with the Japan Self-Defense Force and the United States Armed Forces are close, but the born Japanese Hatoyama government is dull last year. Most Japanese pray for the early retreat of this government.

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