Jeogeot Walking 17

 I circulate through the Jeogeot continent southern part, the north side of Sunklands. Because there is less ban line than the others, this neighborhood can have a good feeling.

大陸南部、Sunklandsの北側を巡っています。この辺りは他に比べてban lineが少なくて好感持てますね^^

 (A)Mercia. It might be a private garden, but I stood still a little here.


 What kind of person made this garden? I sometimes imagine it about a face and the character of the person.


SL is the world of 3D. However, the beautiful scene becomes the picture. It is never attractive in the material place.


 (B)The Garden. A mountain stream is wonderful here.

The Garden。ここは渓流が素敵でした。

 There is nature in reality from a beginning. However, nature is made in SL later. If there is not the person who is going to reproduce nature, there is not nature in this world.


I sympathize with the people who prepare nature into this world. There is the person to want to make my shop first.There is the person who wants to make a combat zone from it first. A background and character of each people seem to be expressed there.


(C)The hollow where has nothing. However, this is much better than there is a strange building 🙂


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