Jeogeot Walking 16

The Haetae Hills

It is the east of Second Sink here. I searched for a light blue line this time. The area is an unsociable area protected by much ban lines and securitys. I spent an hour and a half to watch 8SIMs.

And the result is only this place. Was I lucky? Yes,I’m lucky. When nothing is found in the inland, there is often it. Most of something which should be shown is installed facing the public road. Something which is not shown is installed inland.

ここはRoute10沿い、Jeogeot Walking 14で訪れたSecond Sinkよりも手前にあります。いえ、ここだけを見たわけではありません。水色のラインを飛び回って来たんです。実際には多くのBAN LINEに阻まれ、セキュリティの警告に逃げるようにして8SIMほどを巡るのに1時間半以上かかっています><


“Our house on the hills
The region is offering its amenities and gardens for public use
Designed and built by the creator of Harry’s Houses”


 Wow!! the mansion of a laudable landowner.


 I often feel a difference of the culture with a Japanese and the foreigner. As for it, is there difference in the scale sense? The Japanese living in the small house in reality lives in the small house in the virtual world. Do not they intend to live in the mansion in the virtual world? There are many creators in a Japanese. They show interest only in making something. Therefore, there is not the Japanese lord noble in the virtual world.

日本人と外人との文化の差というか、スケール感覚の相違というかそういうのを感じることがあります。身の丈に合ったというべきなのかどうも日本人って仮想世界でもウサギ小屋を作ってしまいがちでww 職人の国といえば聞こえはいいんですけども、じゃあ王侯貴族はいるかと言えば、居ないようです・・・。

 It may be the cause that a Japanese stays in the constant hierarchy following in the virtual world. They live under the cloud, and they do not expect the top, or they do not know it.


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