USS : Union Passage

I tried to teleport of myself to the Honah Lee Surf airport of the USS. However, I failed. According to the map, there was 21 avatars in Honah Lee Surf. The number of people fills it with homestead. I did teleport of myself to west next Union Passage and looked at Honah Lee Surf unwillingly from there. (Teleport : The direction for uses of this transitive verb… I did teleport myself. Is this how to use right?)

The competition of the airplane seemed to be held in Honah Lee Surf airport. Yacht race and the race of the airplane are prosperous in the USS. Because I don’t do any race, in this case I am inconvenient. Should I look for an appropriate airport? As for it, is an airport except the USS appropriate?

USSの Honah Lee Surf飛行場へTPしようとしましたができません。Mapを見るとアバターが21人もいるしw Homesteadでこれは入れませんね。仕方なく西隣のUnion PassageへTPしてそこから眺めるも、飛行機のレースをしているようです。まあ、USSはヨットにせよ飛行機にせよレースが主体なのかもしれません。他のUSSの飛行場もあるにはあるけど、いろいろ考えちゃいますねww レース主体ということはツアーリングは二の次ともいえるし・・・ だとすればあたしは歓迎されざる旅人かいww USS以外にどっか飛行場みつけないと飛行に支障来たすなー><

West next Union Passage is an island of the privacy serious consideration very much. It is USS, but an individual borrows the island.

“Respect our privacy”

It was written for the information of the land. I cannot stay here.

西隣のUnion Passageは非常にプライバシー重視の島です。一応USSですが個人か借りていて”Respect our privacy”とあるので長居は無用ですねww

 There was an inlet in the island, and it was moored several ships.


 They are ships made by Twohead’s Nautical Shop and Shipyard. The ship that individual texture is very impressive.

Twohead’s Nautical Shop and Shipyard製の船ですね。独特のテクスチャーがとても印象的です。

One Hawker hurricane stopped in the west of the island.


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