Heterocera : Caroline’s Rose

The paving work of Route5 via the east coast of the Heterocera continent is continuing. This construction that completion is close in stops it suddenly.


Is the road which floated lack of the calculatedness? The vehicle is impossible of traffic.


The careless construction doesn’t matter. There is the place where both roadside is wonderful of Route5. Mole unusually plants  flowers. A wonderful garden is made with Caroline’s Rose in both sides of this Route5. The group called North Atlantic Dog Food Company is a prominent landscape gardening engineer.

Caroline’s Rose

ずさんな工事のことはどうでもいいんです。Route5の道端がやけに綺麗な所があります。Moleも珍しく花を植えたりしちゃってww このRoute5の両側にあるCaroline’s Roseは素敵な庭が造られています。North Atlantic Dog Food Companyというグループらしいのですがとっても上手。

I visited the East of the way first.


Small animals…


Oh! weasels 🙂

It is luxurious to spend leisurely at such a place.


I stared at the splendid flowers with rapture unintentionally.


The north side of the land seems to be still under construction.


The flower bed which was made very well.


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