Jeogeot Walking 15

According to the map of Baker, western Sunkland is named Big Sink. Yes. It is bigger than Sunkland in the east.

The Eastern bloc of Big Sink is in confusion. Unfortunately the scene is different from my preference.

The topography of here is interesting. Here may become the Shangri-la. When laird lefts work to Landscaper and the architect.

And the west is deserted.

There was the good monastery in the west next of Big Sink.

Garden of Christ  @ Felix Meritis Monastery

I love the space among many flowers. The reason why I don’t make it in Rera is because there gets heavy by much textures and objects.

I remembered two monasteries in my hometown,Hakodate.

The clothes of the clergyman were sold here.

There is the church in Japanese SL, but the actual situation is a marriage ceremonial hall.

The view from the monastery is good for contemplation.

The corridor is an important place for contemplation. The bloodstream increases by a walk and may give a brain stimulation.

The quiet library was prepared for here.

We can make the splendid world or the ugly world in SL. It is a kind of the self-expression.

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2 Responses to Jeogeot Walking 15

  1. I am so honored that some of my maps, magazines, etc. helped inspire you to explore Sunklands (!) I love Lill Burn Valley as well, and I rented there for about a month last year. A model sim for sure. I didn’t get to explore Meritis’ monastery itself as much as I wanted (I want to return soon as well). Nice pics as usual in your post here, and a quite thorough examination. The small houses at the bottom of the Lill Burn Valley sink are highly recommended as rentals. A tad on the expensive side but worth it.

    I’ll comment more later.

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Hi,baker 🙂

    SL created many stories as well as many scenes in the virtual world. In addition your and my blog becomes the story again, too.

    I hung around the foot of the valley, and it may have seemed to be the suspicious individual from inhabitants. lol

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