Jeogeot Walking 14

 I came for Oolamoo. It is the east end of a place named Second Sink with blog of Baker here. The Second Sink consists of 2SIM of Oolamoo and Drews.

 Oolamoo is rental sim. Therefore Roseheart Rental Community makes a beautiful scene. There are ponds and brooks in all places, and it is healed.

 Prominent landscaper uses the topography well. We who watched the scene don’t feel waste and unreasonableness.

 The atmospheres of the houses seem to be unified, too.

 I think that there may be such a place more.

 As for west next Drews, scenery changes completely. Is this the dam which dried up?

 SIM is surrounded by exaggerated screen.

 Chickens were kept at some places. Are they the chicken which aroused a controversy?

 Here seems to be rental sim basically, too.

 Deco*licious ~ Mainstore in the place along Route10.

 The furnitures of a reasonable price is sold here. Those functions are substantial as a recent tendency.

 The furnitures in SL evolves, too. They are cheaper than the furniture which I bought in old days and are high-performance.

Ummmmmm… What should I do? Should I buy a new my furniture?

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