China which comes close to Iceland(The North Pole route and resources aim)

From Sankei News(JP)

In Iceland where all the major banks were nationalized by a financial crisis,the official counting of votes of the referendum to ask the right or wrong of the law to protect the U.K. and a Dutch depositor for public funds was performed. As a result, the rejection of the law became certain in an opposite majority by the morning for 7th. The repulsion such as the U.K. is inevitable and the influence on European Union (EU) participation negotiations is avoided, too and does not seem. China strengthens relations with Iceland in looking askance at by Iceland and European aggravation concerned.

China built the maximum-scale embassy for the Arctic passage opening to traffic by the global warming in Iceland. U.S.A. asked for intermediation this time by Iceland does not react.

It is predicted that the ice of the Arctic Ocean disappears in global warming during summer for 2030-40 years. China depends on marine transportation for half economic activities of the gross domestic product (GDP). If Arctic passage is inaugurated, Shanghai – Germany Hamburg interval, 6,400 kilos are shortened from a route via the Suez Canal. The Arctic Circle has abundant the seabed resource such as oil, natural gas, nickel, money, cobalt, too.

Iceland is delicious game for China.

China began negotiations of the free trade agreement (FTA) between Iceland. China built the embassy of five or six stories in capital Reykjavik. It is the largest in a government establishment abroad in China. It is the size that is exceptional for an embassy to establish in the small country of a population of about 300,000China participates in the North Pole council by offices of Iceland. It is informed that China gave a fund for harbor construction of Iceland.

According to the report of the Swedish Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI),China decides the building of the new icebreaker which concentrated hi-tech  and strengthens interest to the Arctic Circle. And China may conclude an alliance with Arctic Ocean coast country

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