Jeogeot Driving 12

I dropped in at office of Baker in Chilbo. To learn it about Sunklands. There are Sunklands along Route10 which I do driving of from now on. I photographed a map of Sunklands from the wall of his office.

 Some newspapers about Sunklands fell into the floor. I purchased it in 0L$.

(A)I did teleport to the start spot,Route10 rez zone.

 I continued running for Route10 to the west.

 I saw the first sink land before long.

 There was able to think like land of scenic beauty.

 However, huge screen blocks the view. What is not good?

 I can distinguish the Japanese shop immediately. By the color of the shop where it is typical and the profile image of the avatar.

 I saw big Sunklands.

 The topography full of changes is splendid.

 I pass big Sunkland when I finish going up that slope.

 I noticed that Route10 did not have rez zone… Where should I go to?

 Only the mileage of my car is added.

(B)At last I found rez zone and rode off my car. LDPW,You work…


Because the mileage became unexpectedly long, I perform a search of Sunklands on the next time.

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