Jeogeot Driving 11

(A)Hanja Welcome Area is an institution of LL located in the border of four SIM of Gukyeol,Hangeul,Hanja,Idu. However, it is almost vacant land of four SIM.

(A)Hanja  Welcome AreaはGukyeol,Hangeul,Hanja,Iduの4つのSIMの境界に位置したLLの施設です。4つのSIMとはいえ、そのほとんどは広大な空き地ですがw

(B)My drive stopped it for thief gangs so far here. Because the thief was removed, I start a drive from here. I go to the west in Route10.

 (B)Route 10 – Cheju Rez Zone




 (C)There is no problem in the front of the ruins of the hiding place of the thief, too.


Because four borders of SIM cross, the spot of Rez Zone of Podul needs attention.

PodulのRez Zoneの地点はSIMの境界が4つもクロスしているので注意が必要です。

I approached the community area of Chilbo.


 (D)Chilbo Town Hall Plaza


(E)I get off my car here and go to the neighboring searches today.


 (F)There is SWEDEN Haninge  in the place that retraced a way.

今来た道を少し戻るとスウェーデンの国旗がたなびいている場所があります。SWEDEN Haninge

 The inside of land partitioned off in a wall is scenery of a deep forest. The forest is important for them.


 The Swedish national flag adjusts to neighboring scenery 🙂



 If all SL is the scenery which seems to be here, how? I don’t have any problem in the case of me.

SLが全部ここのような風景だったら・・・ うーん全然問題ないかも^^

 (G)Caro And Mylene Land
CaroForFun Oh and Mylene Mills will be glad to see u here and have nice moments with what you need and pleased. Lounge place, Dance floor, Romance, Dining, Beach, Lost Castle, Memorial Crypt, Beautifull Cavern, Asian lounge garden.

I have a breakfast here.


 (H)Yokai Temple

 Sinicism and Japanese style mix it here.


The buildings use a work of Hosoi Ichiba.

 建物はHosoi Ichibaのものを使っています。

An element of the Sinicism is strong here.


This is almost a temple of the Sinicism. The slight Japanese style is included.


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  1. nanri says:

    PodulのRez Zoneの地点はSIMの境界が4つもクロスしてるようだけどえらいことになりそー^^

  2. ujiyasu says:


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