Japan which is sinking : About Japanese thought…


A certain Japanese woman blogger wrote it about a Japanese propensity. I totally agree.
“Japan keeps off decision making and seems to be the nation receiving result itself. Japan doesn’t want to look straight at a political problem.”

“Japanese say that we are diligent, and we are excellent.However, in fact, Japanese are a sluggard with a considerable fool. The Japanese doesn’t want to do the theoretical thought They think that another person should do such a thought. They avoid judgment of the value. When a result was shown, they act for the first time. Seeing from other  nations, it is nobody except the miracle to have got over several thousand years by such a suitable way of life.”



【同盟弱体化】第1部 美辞麗句の陰で(4)核抑止議論に“政治主導”の壁 産経ニュース

Japanese newspaper wrote it about the incompetence of the Japanese government.

The Japan-U.S. alliance is not shared now by the both government leaders. Obama Administration establishes distance in the Hatoyama government proposing an anti-American policy in sequence. It is ties at both administration official levels to maintain both alliances. They call Prime Minister Hatoyama the issue of space.

Japan depended on an American deterrent from cold war era. However, existing Japan Administration is too ignorant about it. The existing government leaders and some Japanese are negative to an American nuclear weapon.Then how does Japan deal with North Korea and a Chinese nuclear weapon?

“We are the only being bombed countries. As for the nucleus, it must be become extinct.”

Some Japanese cry.Therefore how do you deal with North Korea and a Chinese nuclear weapon?

 The Japanese doesn’t want to do the theoretical thought

日本は冷戦時代から米国の抑止力に依存してきました。しかし現日本政権はあまりにもそれについて無知です。 現政権首脳と一部の日本人はアメリカの核兵器に否定的です。それでは北朝鮮と中国の核兵器に日本はどのように対処するのですか?




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