Heterocera : Route5

 I operated my DE10 and went north in North Coast branch line of SLRR and approached Melanthia station of the continent northeast.

DE10でSLRRのNorth Coast branch lineを北上して大陸北東部の Melanthia stationに差し掛かりました。

 This station is constructing it endlessly, but when is completed? I got off De10 and decided to drive Route5.


As for the part toward the north(light blue line), road itself is undecided.


 pawpaw reports progress of the pavement of here in detail recently. As for Route5, a considerable part was paved.


 I start a drive. Though a car boot opens, I don’t notice it.

ではスタート。ってかこの時点で車のトランク開けっ放しなのに気付いてないw なんか車疎いんですよ。昔の人ほどこだわりないというか・・・


 I don’t yet notice it.


 Maritime branch line crosses here. Because a railroad crossing isn’t installed here,I lifted a car by editing and moved it to the other side.

Maritime branch lineが横切っています。ここは踏み切りも設置されておらず、編集で車を持ち上げて線路の向こう側へ渡ります。

 My car dropped at a bridge of Cisthene. Such a thing happens quite often at the bridge of the border of SIM.


 I lift my car by editing again and restart a drive.


 Pavement broke off.


 In fact, this off-road can run smoothly from a paved road.


I ran in the off-road at high speed comfortably. My car, Kamikaze had better originally run at high speed.


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