SAAB 37 VIGGEN (March 4, 2010 )

 My Viggen takes off from USS, the airport of Santa Catalina.

USS,Santa Catalinaの飛行場を離陸。

 The western state of Blake Sea is good.

昨日よりSIMの状態はいいかも。ただしBlake Sea西部は・・・

 In the eastern part, SIM becomes the offline accidentally and is unstable.


 I flew it to Nautilus City.

西の方へずうっと飛んでNautilus Cityまで行ってみました。

The flight at the low altitude is comfortable. However, it is prohibited by Blake Sea and USS.

 低空飛行は気持いいんですが、Blake SeaやUSSでは怒られます><

 Therefore, I continued flying at a low altitude here.


The landing of Viggen is still difficult for me. It is just before a landing; there is the case that SIM does not look like.

 でもやはりまだ着陸が難しいw 直前になって滑走路のあるSIMがボコって現れるのはキツいですねえ。

Besides, Viggen slips off in a border of SIM aside and is impossible of a landing.


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