Jeogeot : Danger!! Jeogeot大陸:危険です!!

 The Jeogeot continent Southeast, Route10 between Cheju and Changmi is dangerous. There has a party blockading the public road and demands a toll.

Jeogeot 大陸南東部のChejuからChangmiにかけてのRoute10は危険です。公道を封鎖している一味がいて通行料を要求します。

I transmitted Abuse Report to LL twice. They are not accepted now.

 リンデンにAbuse Reportを2度送信しましたが、レポートに不備があったのか対処してもらえませんでした。

 Land named Klow City, Syldavia. The member of the group called Republic Syldavia demands a toll with a weapon.

Klow City, Syldaviaという武器を売っている店のRepublic Syldaviaというグループの構成員のようです。

They blockaded Route10 at one time.


When I came back to the spot for confirmation, I was surrounded again.

確認に戻ると再び囲まれましたw ここは危険です。

[16:43]  ANSA Fireguard: did you come back for your license?
[16:44]  s: no
[16:44]  ANSA Fireguard: why not
[16:44]  Mullah Khalim: linden was here they got a licence
[16:44]  ANSA Fireguard: 2 of them
[16:45]  Mullah Khalim: \yes
[16:45]  s: I came for confirmation
[16:45]  Mullah Khalim: of?
[16:45]  ANSA Fireguard: confirm that you want a license
[16:46]  ANSA Fireguard: oh i see you wanted to confirm the reports you filed against us worked
[16:46]  ANSA Fireguard: well they dont because thats just stupid
[16:46]  Mullah Khalim: oy!
[16:46]  ANSA Fireguard: oy!

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