With the Japanese real intention?

As for the Japanese of Myuki, English translation is very difficult. Her Japanese is complete spoken language.It includes enormous slang and abbreviation. She cannot speak the written language in Chat.I urged her to insist. Like an example of Toyota,The Japanese more than a certain age don’t want to insist.It is vague, and they like to be it. I persuaded her, but she was obstinate.I was not able to understand her real intention, too. However, she isn’t bad. She is an average Japanese manner. It displeases her to ask her excessively.I did the following conversation with her this morning. I was not able to get her real intention.

U:Did Jer invite you about the yesterday’s affair?
M:He doesn’t invite me.
U:Or did he come to there to look at the track later?
M:I invited him.
U:If it is so,
U:You should give your opinion to them.
M:They don’t seem to have known a state of here.Therefore, I invited him to there.
M:I say to them sometime soon.
U:Because you invited him,
U:You should tell your opinion to him.
U:They want to know your opinion, too.
M:I’m developing a vehicle.
M:It in the present conditions my train for run possibility.
U:Is it that you cope with a change?
M:But when I succeeded in improvement.
U:Is it possible to say an objection to them later?
M:It lets the solution of the problem delay.
M:I wanted to say to them about it yesterday.
U:Why didn’t you say to them yesterday?
M:The locomotive of Jer didn’t seem to have any problem there.
M:Therefore only my train seems to have a problem.
U:Then may I tell them like that?
M:No,I tell them.
M:When I meet them next.
U:Tell them early
M:You can write an opinion to the notecard.
M:No.I cannot write English.

M:Jer and Yevad seem to have suggested some yesterday.
M:I wasn’t able to understand them well.
U:What do you want to know?
M:I want to know their malfunction
U:How do you want to have it?
U:Our conversation takes parallel courses….
M:They say that themselves don’t have any problem.
M:Only I have a problem.It is funny to say it to them.
U:Why is it funny?
U:What you do not insist on is weird.
M:I want to look at the scene which you run by a train of Mick.

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