SAAB 37 VIGGEN (March 3, 2010 )

I came at Honah Lee Surf in the USS for a flight training. I belonged to Pirate Air which based on here. I commute between airports of Santa Catalina from here. I take it for the training of a takeoff and the landing.

今日も飛行練習のためにUSSはHonah Lee Surfにやってきました。ここを本拠地としているPirate Airというグループに入れてもらってSanta Catalinaの飛行場との往復で離発着を繰り返しました。

 The flight in the state that a landing gear is descending. The landing gear of Viggen is stored away in higher than thrust 23. I am flying it by thrust 20.


Because landing speed is very fast, as for Viggen, a landing is difficult. Because it is demanded more than an altitude of 80m by USS,I must descend at a stretch right in front of an airport.


When Viggen goes over the border of SIM during a descent, a position slips off by lag. However, I must land at the runway at a stretch from the position. When I am the worst,Viggen restored from a delay has already advanced to the center of SIM. In this case I raise Viggen again, and it is rectification.

 降下中にSIMの境界を越えるとラグで位置がズレます。そこからもう一気に滑走路に向けて落ちていく感じですね>< 下手をするとラグから回復した時点ですでにViggenは滑走路を半分ほど進入した上空にいることがあります。こういうときはやり直すしかありません。

As for me, a runway must learn any position of SIM. When SIM is not drawn until just before that, I must just descend on the surface of the sea.


I am used to Viggen slowly by repeating a landing.


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