Upgraded H8 No 5 ANTIQUE RED (3)

What does H8 No.5 Trolley move with as a standard on a track?  Transparence objects are displayed by Ctrl-Alt-T. One stick spreads at the center of the track. This is Guidance, and the train runs using this.

H8 No.5 Trolleyは線路の何を基準に動いているのでしょうか?他のSLRR上を走る列車も同じですが、Ctrl-Alt-Tで透明オブジェクトを表示させると線路上中央を1本の棒が延びているのが分かります。これがガイドと呼ばれるもので、列車はこれを利用して走っています。

There is the explanation of a standard rail in Second Life Railroad/SLRR standards of SL Wiki.


To construct the Guidance place a prim on the Railbed and raise it 0.15 meter up. And apply a full transparent texture to it. Next name the prim ‘Guide’ The length of the track is set in this example to 10.00 meter, but this can change according to your needs.

SL WikiのSecond Life Railroad/SLRR standardsというところに標準的なレールの説明があります。その中のガイダンスという項目には


However, there are some points without the guide in SLRR. For example, it is crossroads in Crumbi. A guide extends to the left, but the right does not have it. In this case H8 No.5 Trolley cannot advance to the right.

ところがこのガイド、困ったことにあるところと無いところがあるんですw。例えばCrumbiにある分岐点を見ると左への線路はガイドがありますが、右にはありません。この場合H8 No.5 Trolleyは右へ進むことができません。

Seeing from the sky, we understand that a guide is not completely installed. There isn’t a normal meaning in this. LDPW does not make it in accordance with this. We submit a ticket to them and demand improvement. The improvement is done, but the progress is slow.


A huge black semicircle appeared in the sky suddenly. The left is Sandbox. We can expect that such a varmint appears…


Unfortunately both person and the train cannot appear from this region.


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4 Responses to Upgraded H8 No 5 ANTIQUE RED (3)

  1. nanri says:


  2. ujiyasu says:


  3. June Trefoil says:

    I ran into that big black semi-circle yesterday too, from the transparent side. It was worse than ban lines because I could not see why I was blocked!

    It’s gone now 🙂

  4. ujiyasu says:

    Oh!Did you collide to a product by the griefer, too?

    That is very annoying.
    It surely disappeared today 🙂

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