SLRR : About guidance

When I was invited to Myuki and did TP,Jer was there with Yevad. I seem to have been summoned to here as an interpreter. However, it is all I could do to cope with conversation of Jer and Yevad. It is impossible I translate their English into Japanese, and to make typing in Japanese. Furthermore, Myuki uses the Japanese spoken language. I must convert it of her into the Japanese which I can translate. I introduce the result into Jer and Yevad in English.

They argued about the guide of the track. There is a guide on the track of SLRR as a standard. However, it isn’t carried out thorough now. And they mention the object name of the guide.

myukiさんに呼ばれて行った先にmyukiさんとJerとYevadがいました。通訳せいとのことですが、まくしたてる彼らの英語に対応するのがやっとで、その上日本語にも対応して日本語と英語を同時にタイプせよなんか全く無理w なのでどうしてもmyukiさんが言ってる日本語を彼らに伝えるのがやっとで、彼らの英語をmyukiさんに日本語に直して伝えるまでにはいきません。


The ways of the use of the guide are different by an individual scripter. A script advancing in search of the presence of the guide,the script which gets worse in search of the name of the guide…  Because LDPW doesn’t establish a standard, the present conditions are confused.

Myuki fell into indigestibility and disappeared. I meet her again and must ask about her opinion. And I must introduce it into Jer and Yevad. Unification of the usage of the various script in crossroads is better. Because it increases the expectations of the individual scripter, it is difficult; is argued.



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