SAAB 37 VIGGEN (March 2, 2010 )

 There is each rule in the airports. As for it, in the airport of Santa Catalina of the USS, it is not an exception either. The most important rule is the direction of a takeoff and the landing, the altitude that you should maintain. The airplane which came in a taxiway is given priority first. Unfortunately an ignorant woman lands from the opposite direction, and a collision happening often. I don’t know why a principal offender is a woman every time.

飛行所にはそれぞれルールがあります。USSのSanta Catalinaの飛行場も例外ではありません。離陸と着陸の方向、維持すべき高度などです。先に誘導路へ入ったレシプロ機を見ながらこっちも離陸の準備。ただし、どこぞの向こう見ずな外人のねいちゃんがルール無視で反対方向から着陸してきて大惨事はよくあることですw

 I took off well.


 Viggen is high-speed basically. Therefore, the neighboring drawing is not enough.


 I was used to a cruise of Viggen.


 I land and observe the takeoff of other airplanes.


My second takeoff.


 I abuse Viggen this time.


Viggen supports it well. However, I received IM, and the situation changed completely.


Does the IM waste a resource of the memory?


 My Viggen has begun to cause a hindrance to be beyond SIM.


 A runway to aim at moves far far away in a boundary of SIM.


 I tried a landing sometimes, but failed.


It may be necessary for me to take the setting that does not accept IM during the flight.


It is necessary to leave the dance club with much use frequency of the group IM.  Anyway the music of the club is too old for me.

海外のダンスクラブとかやたらグループIMが多いんですが、これを機にみんな抜けちゃおうかなww どうせ古い曲しか流さないし・・・

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