Private Region : Groll Inn & Hideout Island

 [ Groll Inn & Hideout Island ] – Grollwerk Store & Hangout
– Handmade Fantasy-Sci-Fi-Horror Outfits & Random Things – Armor Armour Suit Dress Cloak Cape Catsuit Body Tank Boots Clothing Ninja Rogue Pirate Space Marine Vampire Blood Countess Gorean Merc Knight Star Wars Steampunk Gothic Halloween

A woman stands at the front desk.


 Battle dress.


 If there are black pants, I have the appearance that resembled this.


 Hmmmmmmm,they are expensive…


 I can gather with clothes of Bare Rose.

Bare Roseでリーズナブルに揃えようっと。

 この辺もBare Roseで似た感じのあるなー。

 Because the shop is Inn, there is the guest room properly. But I feel slightly sick with it.


There is a telescope in the 3rd floor for some reason.


 The circumference of inn is elaborated scenery.


 I want texture of the ground of here.


 This island is landscaping which used the tropical zone and the Temperate Zone properly well.


 Wao!! The clean and wonderful sea 🙂


I want texture of this sand.


 About not using trendy sunshine filtering through foliage, I have a good feeling.



ぎゃっ 最後はこういう落ちですか><

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