SAAB 37 VIGGEN (March 1, 2010)

I took off from Honah Lee Surf of USS. However, a state of Blake-Sea is bad.

Honah Lee Surfを離陸したもののBlake-Seaの状態が良くありません。

The script of the airplane doesn’t operate smoothly. The state that Landing gear is dropping. This should be usually stored. I have begun to feel dubious.


My Viggen came in My body came in A and I became uncontrollable in it. I was transferred to the unidentified coordinate and did re-log. I was in Blake Sea – China only with an avatar afterwards. The region was an awful delay. The Lag meter showed that there was considerable load in SIM. I wasn’t able to move. The method to escape from here is only re-log.

Blake Sea – China(赤枠)に進入した途端機体の制御ができなくなってそのままはるか彼方へ飛ばされてリログするしかなくなりましたw。Blake Sea – Chinaへアバターのみで入ると物凄いラグ。いったいなんでしょうか・・・。ラグメーターは断続的にSIMに負荷がかかっていることを示していました。アバターが動けなくなるんです。SIMから脱出しようにも今度は出ることすら出来ません。ここは要注意です。

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