Jeogeot Walking 13

Where does the sterile ground spread out to?


Fortunately I found a certain shop.

=^,^=   RISKY KITTY   =^,^=,  Women’s clothes, casual wear, club wear, clothing, lingerie, womens clothes, womens, ladies clothes, clothing, eyes, swimwear, casual, formal, flex, flexi, skin, bikini, skirt, dress,?aW design???


 Splendid clothes. I don’t say what I bought…

 However, there is this shop on the land which I searched for before. Did I overlook it?

しかしこのお店、前に通った場所にあるんですw つまり見過ごしたわけ><

 Therefore, I watch NAGAYA again.


An interesting shop is seen in the northwest direction. However, I was blocked by ban line of this side. It which is troublesome…

 北西によさげなお店がポツンとあるんだけど手前の土地がBAN LINE張ってて超ウザい・・・

 Singer Juran

What is this?


Softy’s Spook House
Beware strange thing happen when you enter. Click and sit on everything you see. Your in for a frightful time ……….Will you escape or  be trapped foreverrrr.


 The atmosphere seems to be terrible.




This is inadequacy. Rise itself more.

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