Jeogeot Walking 12

 I search for the inland of the Jeogeot continent eastern part(white frame).

あたしは Jeogeot大陸東部内陸を探査してました。なかなか内陸部は見所はありませんw

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 Khrystall Amat Rio de Janeiro-Brasil

 Furthermore, there were some shopping malls. However, I hesitate about its introduction. Because the shop in the shopping mall is a week contract…

A helper talked to me who was lost in a certain role playing area.

S: Hello
H: need some help ?
S: What town is it here?
H: it’s an rp sim called crimson
S: Oh RP
H: based on the world of darkness rp sysrme
H: systeme
H: sorta
S: the world of darkness rp sysrme
H: role paly out of a series of books
S: I see
S: I must read the series
H: not realy
H: i’ve been palying it for over a year have yet to read more than ineed for mycharcter
H: but iget lots of help:)
S: Is there the thing such as any notebook card?
H: yep follw me i’ll show u wher to get all teh info

Her English had many typos. I was able to understand the most, but was not able to understand the words and phrases of a red character till the last. I reconsidered it about them later. iget=i get,teh=the…

H: ose boxes
H: the square ones got nc’s aetc
H: it’s all free

ose boxes=those boxes. It is still indigestibility about nc’s aetc. Anyway, I followed it after her.

H: if uneed more info ican call in a n admni
S: Ah OK:)
H: they now more than i do
S: I have to translate this first 🙂
S: I’m Japanase
S: ah
H: well ican get help for u
S: if u want
S: To completely understand a rule
H: we’re fairlyt easy to deal wiht
S: Yes
H: i’ve been role playing here for well over a year and don’t understan most of teh rules
H: and i speak eni lish and badly typed english
H: hey K
K: Hey H
K: Where are ya? Haven’t rezzed for me yet lol
H: now for eh hell of fimnd ing my wya to satins house
H: behind U
K: ah there we go
H: she maty need questiosn answeredican’t answer:(
H: well off to cause trouble
K: That’s fine. If you need any help S, lemme know.
S: Thank you:)

 fairlyt= fairly? wiht=with, It is still indigestibility about maty. Perhaps most Japanese cannot understand her words. I seem to have displeased her. I don’t know what to do.

とあるロールプレイの場所に迷い込んだのですが、そこにヘルプ約の女性が声をかけてきました。ありがたいのですが彼女の英語がさっぱりなんですw というのもとてもタイプミスが多い上に意味の分からない略語のようなのを多用するので漠然としか理解できないんですね。それで彼女から教わるよりもノートカードを希望したんです。それでも何か手伝えることはないか?と話しかけてくれるのは有難いのですが、こっちもだんだんしどろもどろになってきちゃって、男性が現れたときには彼女さじ投げていなくなっちゃいました。彼女が不機嫌になったのも分かるのですが、この辺は日本人と知ってわかりやすく話してくれる人と違って割り切るしかありません。


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