Upgraded H8 No 5 ANTIQUE RED

 I visited H8 Motors in the Heterocera continent. H8 Motors is known by making precise locomotives and trains. H8 No 5 Trolley upgraded


 I took out a box of H8 No 5 Trolley in Bhaga Station.

 The basic operation is the same before.

The H8 No 5 Trolley has been upgraded with the following features:

1. REVERSE- Trolley turns around and travels in opposite direction.

2. CHANGEABLE NAME PLATE  – You can now replace the text on street name plate on the roof.

3. SMOOTH RIDE – Trolley now has less jerk and glides along the track faster.

4. SMOOTH RIGHT and LEFT TURNS –  Trolley can turn left or right on a Y track.

5. MORE SPEED CONTROL – Up and Down gears to increase or decrease the three speeds (slow, medium, and fast).

6.  SIMPLIFIED AUTOMATIC CONTROL: The trolleys now have complete normal functionality in automatic mode. The trolley no longer shuts down all of it’s features when Auto is activated. Stopboxes are now unscripted, you can create a prim, name it “stopbox”, place it in the center of the guide rail to indicate stopping points for your trolley. 
7. IMPROVED APPEARANCE – Dusky refreshed most of Mick’s original texture work.  The trolleys look better.

 This is refined by appearance and interior decoration. I chose ANTIQUE RED from various colors.

 The function of RIGHT and LEFT TURNS,REVERSE don’t have any problem.

 This Trolley can run all sections of SLRR.

2automatic vehicles were caught beside Clearwing Station. They spoil scenery…

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4 Responses to Upgraded H8 No 5 ANTIQUE RED

  1. ujiyasu says:

    Mick,good job! ;)

  2. Dusky Jewell says:

    Thank you for your reviews of our products. I am glad that you are happy with the trolley. The Antique Red trolley is our most popular color.

    The H8 Motors Company is a team of designers, and the H8 No 5 trolley was originally a custom order. We thank you, and will also give credit to the customer for the trolley idea.


    Dusky Jewell
    H8 Motors Owner

  3. ujiyasu says:

    Of course I found the elegant trolley first and felt very happy. It seems to be totally a work of art.
    And I was interested in the railroad in SL when I watched trains of other H8 carefully.

    I was not interested in a railroad so far in RL.
    However, I became a railroad enthusiast in SL.

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