Jeogeot Driving 9

 I run for Route10 of the Jeogeot continent eastern part by car from the north to the south(white frame).

 Because it is a paved road, I decide to ride on a car of the physics after a long absence.

Route 9 / Route 10 REZ ZONE – Yeot

 However, mainland is heavy today.

 *DU PAPILLON* Mainstore

 Wonderful clothes are sold here. I acquired LM of this shop.

 Incomprehensible rocks…

 I was transferred to the at a high altitude in a boundary of region. The situation wasn’t improved, and I did re-log.

 I changed to jeep of the non-physics. When a state of region is bad, this jeep is reliable.

 Rez Zone

 I found the flag of Chilbo 🙂

 A ghost car came over…

 I finish a drive in Shortcut.

Route 10 – Nangrim Rez Zone intersection

 Rare trees are used for work of LDPW. Of course it is preferable.

I think that such trees may be used more.

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