The place that is high traffic in Heterocera

Which place is the high traffic in the Heterocera continent? And what kind of institution is the place? In the place with much avators, lag always tends to be intense. When we pass the neighborhood of the place by car, the operation of the car may not be possible. When we are the worst, we are logged out of. I examined such places in Heterocera. I except Info Hub.

北大陸でトラフィックの多いところっていったいどういうところなんでしょうか?ふと思ったんです。というのも車で通りかかる時などいきなり重くなって操作が効かなくなったり、最悪落ちることもあります。こういう場所を知っておくのもいいかなと調べてみました。Info Hubは別です。

 (A)Humboldt Nation Central
“The place for good times, good friends and good jokes.  We certainly have it all here!  Most importantly, we have each other!”

There is nothing on the ground. Perhaps people gather in the sky and dance and talk.


(B)A River Runs Through It

There is the land which only the member of the group puts. BAN LINE is set up around land. Here is a talking place, too.


グループオンリーの場所でBAN LINEが張られています。ここもおしゃべりの場所ですね。

 (C)Divine Mother
Sai Baba Shirdi Hindu Buddha India,Bollywood,Spiritual bhakti  Tai chi,cosmic. garden Selfrealization yoga  energy,Education,Healing,Mystic,Freebee,Sandbox relaxing God anti stress,bliss Spa Surfing  Meditation Skate Bumpercar Tibet,Budha Meditation,Eden

Some Bots is put here. The reason of the high traffic is it.


(D)THE FREE DOVE By Palomma Casanova
Style Clothing Boutique For Free 3 yrs of service to SL…. All best established designers of SL, come get stylish clothes for free….  We offer Clothes, Accessories, skins, shapes, AO’s, fantasy costumes, shoes, hair, jewerly. Not for r

A shop of famous freebie staffs.


 (E)Grand Bassin de Furvata
Avec une baleine, un baleineau, un orque

The details are unclear. Do the French gather?


 (G)Common Grounds Coffee and Jazz House
A nice place to unwind, listen to jazz, dance with friends, and relax

Traffic 21? Is it some kind of mistakes?


 (H)Huet Village ITALY 2 – Rental Houses on Rivers – Dogs’s Racing
Rental of houses in cheerful park with falls. river and sea view.
Apartments furnished, with electric shutters.
Appartamenti, Case, Camp, Giochi, Corse dei Cani, Disco, Shop.
Aluguer de casas em parque alegre com quedas. rio e


 (I)SEXY CLOTHES & EYES  fashion/jewelry/outfit/clothes/eye/jewelry
clothes eyes fashion jewelry outfit eye jewelry clothes clothes eyes fashion jewelry outfit eye jewelry clothes clothes eyes fashion jewelry outfit eye jewelry clothes clothes eyes fashion jewelry outfit eye jewelry clothes clothes eyes f

The person is not here on the ground either.


romance, castle, dance balls, waterfall, grotto,  romantic place, dancas, grotto, romantic place, wedding , club, Xploder, animations, club, MOTEL, hangout, FREESEX,   SEX , Brasil (FOR FREESEX USES THE TELEPORTER) , DCS

 (K)::REDDEVIL RENTALS::  Skyboxes Lofts Skybox Loft Skyboxes
Skyboxes Skyhomes Skybox Apartment Apartments Apt Ads Rental Rentals Condo Condos Loft NYC Tokyo Rent Urban Lease Private Loft Ad boards advertising advertisements Ads Lofts Land Radio Security condo skycondo home


(L)CLOUD NINE ballroom romantic dancing romance love heaven garde
wedding latin jazz music  dating single ballgown designer fashion  greeting cards live club England France Italy Germany Holland Belguim  Ballroom dancing Canada Brazil Australia Aussie America community friends VALENTINE VALENTINES GIFTS

 (M)Gritzi Design – Male & Female clothes
~High Quality, Few Lindens~
Tattoo Flexi Gowns Dress Boots Heels Lace Lingerie Hair Skirt Skirts Shoes Shirts Suites Pants Corsets Stockings Hotpants Shorts Jeans Leather Latex Skins Shape Jewelry Clubwear Catsuit Bodysuit Tuxedo

 (N)The Furry Outpost
Furry hangout, scheduled live djs. Bat, Crux, Hyena, Vermin, and Furry Hangout. Europiean time zone friendly events!
Industrial and Experimental music played – EBM, IDM, Glitch, Dubstep, etc.

(O)Hotel Chelsea, Manhattan, NYC
Nirvana of Bohemia.
New York, Chelsea, Hotel Chelsea, Venue, Music, Live Band, Musicians, Offices, Rental, Commercial, Artists, Entertainment, Live band, Poetry, Spoken Word, New York Times Interview, Events.  Live Music.


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2 Responses to The place that is high traffic in Heterocera

  1. Busta Winkler says:

    will you please remove my shop from this site ?
    i had a few campers there but stopped it long time ago because Linden Lab told me it was illegal.
    i will get back to see if you removed my place and if not i will sew you for lying about my place in SL !

    thank you

  2. Busta Winkler says:

    and by the way… your not allowed to show my place anywhere without my permission !
    tomorrow i will sew you if im still here with your bad advertising of my place !


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