Jeogeot Walking 11

 I left NAGAYA. And I go north while searching for the Eastern bloc of Route9. In the wide vague vacant land, the search progresses, but…


 LILIPILY SPIRITUAL JEWELLERY & The Lilipily Lounge. It is neighboring land of LILIPILY At Desire Of The Heart Garden which my older sister visited here.

 ここっておねいちゃんがJeogeot Driving 8で訪れたLILIPILY At Desire Of The Heart Gardenの隣地なのね。

 It’s a just good timing. I have a breakfast here.


 It is tropical planting here,it’s made more carefully than the other tropical planting. The other majority put  coconut trees in the beach.


 The main content of this land is jeweler’s shop.


 Lotus of the Soul
“Beautiful columned dance pavilion, waltz, ballroom, romantic Gondola canal ride, buddhist temple, eucalyptus forest, LILIPILY Texture shop, Desire of the Heart Garden, LILIPILY Spiritual Jewellery Shop”

The next to jeweler’s shop is Lotus of the Soul. LILIPILY administers here, and it is the place of the Indian style.

 隣のLotus of the SoulもLILIPILYね。ここはインド風。

 I don’t need to get tired even if I come how many times here.


 Oh. Is this an amusement park?


 The whole Region is surrounded in BAN Line…

SIM丸ごとBAN LINEってのも・・・

 Route 9 / Route 10 REZ ZONE – Yeot

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