Jeogeot Driving 8

 I run for the part of the bold line of Route9. The most are off-road.

 I came for NAGAYA of the start spot.

 The area where objects are sparse spreads out.

 The unevenness of the off-road becomes gradually intense.

 Are there many people abandoning land in this continent? This signboard stands out very much here.

 A railroad crossing is set up by a short pavement part.

 This track is sold by Kitto Flora. Both sides of the track seem to be shopping malls.

 LILIPILY At Desire Of The Heart Garden

 I was surprised to find the splendid garden in the desolate area.

 Many flowers and trees, grass are sold here. I am interested in grass most.

 I purchased LILIPILY Sculpted Clumps of Green Fescue Grass in 100L$. It is the delicate grass which matches the Japanese-style garden.

 I left the garden, and ran Jeep. I was blinded by the light of a huge construct suddenly. Why is such a building made?

 I found the garden in the other side of the off-road.

 “遊翠園”(Yu-Sui-En: The Common Kingfisher which holds the beautiful feather of the bluish green in a whole body. The small bird is compared to a jewel,Jade. There are the both meanings in “Sui”. The meaning that “Yu” is play or habitation.  The meaning that”En” is garden.

 A stream flows in the garden and hears birdsong.

 There is Spa, too.

 The inside of big Stonehenge seems to be a dance floor.

 Here is Syke’s Forest. A person same as LILIPILY At Desire Of The Heart Garden seems to administer it here.
Come and hang out with me in my home garden. If you come when I’m not there, I won’t mind. Hang out in the garden, enjoy the grotto spa, dance in the house, have a snooze – lots of interesting places nearby. I don’t bite!  Cheers, sykeade

 I hurried to the terminal after having spent comfortable time in a garden.

 The terminal is near when I approach the pavement.

 I arrived at the terminal. It is a join of Route9 and Route10 here.

 Route 9 / Route 10 REZ ZONE – Yeot

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