Blake Sea (February 26, 2010 )

(A) Blake Sea – Spyglass is the most suitable place to circulate through Blake Sea for me. Many people do not come to here, too, and the view from the top of the mountain is wonderful, too.

 Blake Sea – SpyglassはあたしにとってBlake Seaを巡るのに最適な場所です。あんまり人も来ないし岩山の上からの眺めも素敵。

 This deep forest is really good above all. What is not enough in SL? Of course the people of a place without a deep forest log in to SL. However, I who was brought up in land among forests love a deep forest. Many people mind the number of the permission of prims and don’t plant trees very much.


I leave Blake Sea – Spyglass and go to north next Blake Sea – Brigantine.

Blake Sea – Spyglassを出発して北隣のBlake Sea – Brigantineへ。

This island has almost nothing. Blake Sea is the very large sea to tie USS and Mainland to. The USS is private regions that yacht racing is prosperous. Therefore, in this very large sea, yacht racing has top priority.

なんにもない島です。Blake Seaというのはヨットレースが盛んなUSSとMainlandを繋ぐ広大な海で、やはりヨットレースを最優先に考えられています。従ってこのような島などもランドマーク的な意味合いが多いのかも知れません。

(B) South Blake Sea – Travertine of Blake Sea – Spyglass is similar, too. There are many signboards banning the obstacle of the yacht racing. LL seems to care about USS.

Blake Sea – Spyglassの南の Blake Sea – Travertineも同様です。とにかくヨットレースの邪魔をしないようにという看板が目につきます。片やUSSはプライベートSIM群でリンデンがその人気にあやかろうとした節もあって、その気の使いようが分かる気がします。

(C)  A lighthouse in Blake Sea – Crows. This becomes the good mark of a voyage and the flight.

Blake Sea – Crows Nestの灯台。これも航海や飛行の良い目印になっています。

(D) There is the wreckage of the airplane which made an emergency landing in Blake Sea – Sirens Isle.  It is reappeared with an open-air fire such as the trace which was spent while a crewman waits for help near the airplane.

Blake Sea – Sirens Isleには不時着した飛行機の残骸があります。近くには乗員が救助を待つ間過ごした跡というような焚き火とか再現されています。

 A whirling current is seen in the northwest edge of Sirens Isle.

Sirens Isleの北西端には渦潮が・・・

(E) Blake Sea – Kraken. Here doesn’t have the special thing either.

 Blake Sea – Kraken。ここもさして何もあるわけではありません。

 (F) Blake Sea – Windlass. Here seems to be the resort of the Blake Sea maximum. Because there is somebody anytime here,I don’t usually go ashore to the island. However, it is a uninhabited island here today 🙂

Blake Sea – Windlass。ここが Blake Sea最大のリゾートでしょう。いつも誰か居るのであんまり上陸しませんが今日は誰もいません。

 I put a ship to the pier.


Japan is this winter, but it is midsummer here.


The service that is good in the public accommodations of LDPW.


(G) I swim to north next Blake Sea – Turnbuckle.

 北隣のBlake Sea – Turnbuckleまで泳いでみます。

 There are sun bases.


 It may be good to do the same thing in Rera.


 (H) Blake Sea – Half Hitch

 Here is a signboard banning the obstacle of the yacht racing. There may be many ill-mannered people.


 I associate a European and American small fishing port here. It resembles the fishing port of Hokkaido.


(I)  Barbarossa. A ferry is reversing for a start on a voyage.


 It is the base of the flying boat here. Or is it staging base here?


 (J) Blake Sea – Lanyard

I returned to Blake Sea – Spyglass.

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